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This show features an 11-year-old boy named Johnny who lives with his
16-year-old scientist twin sisters Susan and Mary in the Test residence
in the fictional town of Porkbelly. Susan and Mary come up with
experiments to win the heart of the next-door neighbor, Gil, but they
use Johnny as a test subject for their experiments. Johnny also has a
super talking dog named Dukey. Johnny likes to take Dukey places, but
has to disguise him as a kid. Lila Test (the Mother) works like the
stereotypical father, and Hugh Test (the Father) is obsessed with
meatloaf and extreme cleanliness.

In the show they always find a way to say "Didn't see that coming," or
"Say Wa!" Which at one time were Johnny's "catch phrases" but are now
used by most every one. However, the only recurring evil force at work
is Eugene, who apparently changed his name to "Bling-Bling Boy", and is
after a specific date with Susan, even though she has absolutely no
interest in him. Other villains include The X-Treme Teen Team, who love
anything that says "extreme", and the Mole King, who hates light.

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